Angie (@angieroxannebaker)

last month

My funny valentine… Sweet, comic valentine... You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable, unphotographable Yet you're my favorite work of art Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak? When you open it to speak, Are you smart? But don't change a hair for me Not if you care for me Stay little valentine Stay Each day is Valentine's day. I love this candid picture from our wedding ceremony, because it captures us perfectly. Me being over expressive and laughing and you trying to take back what you said! I love that this song and holiday (even tho it’s a Hallmark holiday ) is special to us, it always makes me look forward to this time of the year ❤️ So Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who makes me smile and laugh daily.... and eye roll A LOT too 😉