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#truevalue#appreciatemylife#giftofrelatioship#reflections 💎there are moments when all u need is to sit down in the comfy armchair and study attentively menu for the day. or maybe it can be the menu of your life. 💎what can you see? what can you experience right now? 💎i feel like human life is a complete mystery. every time i wonder what will be the next turning point, the next challenge that will drive me toward a new destination, that will change completely the mood and direction of my normal routine. 💎every time i meet such challenges, i stop for a (little ) while, ask God for His divine presence, for his gentle an! carring embraces during the coming journey and give thanks for a wonderful life i've got, a wonderful life i've got as a gift. 💎in every situation, decision making, direction of the events i try to stay firm on my feet, on feet grounded on friendship and being with God, on feet grounded on the conviction and faith that I'm His daughter. 💎my love to my Creator, my love and gratitude for living and being in this world is the deepest and the most precious feeling, state, practice within me, within my heart. 💎from personal experience i can say that true gratitude to God, to the Universe can lead to the next and more authentic way of living. gratitude can lead to life full of love, blessed relationships with youself and with Other; it can lead you to life of your dream; life you deserve and let's say you genuinely need. 💎from all my heart i thank every person that i share my story with for being as he/she is, for the gift of his/her unique and beautiful presence. 💎letting go all the resistence, i open my heart for the new experiences, events, meetings that will fill me and the person next to me with the divine grace and precious gifts. With love, N.


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